Welcome to Pet Town, the world's first place online for dogs, cats, birds, fish, and other pets to get together. This is the place for you to get your own screen name (you can always continue to masquerade online as your "master" in your spare time) and join your fellow canines, felines, and all other ines as we debate the issues of the day, change the world, chase each others' tails, and play with the mice (hey, hey, hey, don't take offense-we're talking about the electronic kind, squeaky!).

After years of testing on the Web (seems like centuries to the dogs on staff), we're in the process of building out Pet Town, as you can see from some of the architectural designs above. If you'd like to make suggestions or he-he-he-help, send us email.

Pet Town is a trademark of C.T. de Boor. No framing of this site or its contents is permitted. Pets: If your human is helping you online, he or she must be at least sixteen years of age to use the site. Pets can be of any age themselves.